Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Georgia’s Newborn and Cook Family Lifestyle Photos

Wow! It’s obviously a little Georgia-centric around this blog lately but we are all so excited to have her here! Here are the photos Sami took when she was just a week old and when she came to our house to take some lifestyle photos.

eSMP_9257  eSMP_9274 eSMP_9281 eSMP_9285 eSMP_9308    eSMP_9328b  eSMP_9333b eSMP_9339 eSMP_9387 eSMP_9391 eSMP_9394 eSMP_9395    eSMP_9409b  eSMP_9428b  eSMP_9442 

I found this idea on Pinterest and Sami took it and ran with it. I love how it turned out and it was able to tell her birth stats in a unique way rather than just writing it all out.


These photos are a little different. I wanted Sami to take our photos in our natural element. While it would be very unusual to see all four of us piled up on our bed during the day time, that is how we say Wyatt’s prayers at night. He hops up there and we all hold hands and he gets to nuzzle on Georgia and give her hugs and kisses before he runs off to bed. I love seeing Justin and Georgia adore her too!

eSMP_0274 eSMP_0290b eSMP_0313b eSMP_0316 eSMP_0372  eSMP_0531 

This is HANDS DOWN my favorite picture Sami has ever snapped of any of our families. I love it so much that I’m going to have it hung over my bed!


eSMP_0571b eSMP_0631

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