Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Water Gun Art

Pinterest can give me some of the best ideas and get me into some of the biggest messes—particularly if I don’t read the full instructions or the follow up comments. I saw a pin on Pinterest that showed using water guns and paint to make some creative art. I took one look at the photo and decided to step out and do my own thang with Wyatt. I picked up some flat canvas boards and some cheap acrylic paint at JoAnn’s.
I decided I wanted to try to make some white space letters out of painter tape.
After that, I filled up some cheap dollar store water guns with about 50/50% water to paint.
IMG_8589 IMG_8591
I set Wyatt lose on the boards. He really had a lot of fun with this project.
IMG_8592 IMG_8597
I realize now that the paint/water blend was too runny. The paint seeped under that painters tape and we lost a good bit of the letter outline. Next time I’ll just let Wy go to town painting with the water guns.
He still loved them and and we had a lot of fun so I’m gonna call this Pin-spired project a win in my book!

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