Thursday, June 11, 2015

Aminals Everywhere!

For the week of Memorial Day while my in-laws were on vacation, there were 90+ souls on our little scrap of land. Aminals—Wyatt’s word—took over everywhere! We had Amanda and Michael’s chicks in the brooder, our cats and kittens, our chicks, our chickens, May, the fish, and the guineas, PLUS Lucy and her 11 puppies! It was literally a zoo at our house!
IMG_8494 IMG_8864
We have been letting the chicks hang out a little outside of their brooder and it is too cute to see them with the kittens.
The big cats made a tasty meal out of a black snake in our yard. Good kitties! Later that same night I found each of them with huge field rats’ tails hanging out of their mouths. Maybe they will turn out to be good hunters after all.
IMG_8714 IMG_8719
Wyatt and May shared some fresh watermelon one night after supper. I have never seen a dog enjoy a piece of watermelon like that!
IMG_8757 IMG_8804 IMG_8805
While we had 11 puppies and Lucy hanging around, Wyatt and Pax definitely showed them some love. They were so cute but they all got tangled up under our feet, so we had little yelps every now and then when we inadvertently stepped on paws or tails. It’s a true wonder I didn’t fall and bust my butt trying to feed them every day!
Our visitors are back at their own homes now, leaving us with a more manageable 50-ish mouths to feed. PHEW!

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