Sunday, June 7, 2015

June Garden Update

I am so excited for the summer months at our house. It means the garden is plentiful, the flowers smell amazing, and life is bursting with color!
I planted ten different kinds of flowers for my new cutting garden. I know it’s silly to plant annuals, but I love the idea of my house being filled with asters and wildflowers and dahlias.
The caterpillars are back! They eat my fennel plant and I get the benefit of black swallowtail butterflies for the rest of the summer. It’s a win-win situation.
I wish I had even a minute bit of floral arranging skills. My sister-in-law Amanda could make Martha Steward jealous with her flower skills but I get only as technical as sticking my pretties in a mason jar with a flower frog on top. I still love the colors and the smells my yard has to offer.
Speaking of smells, my two huge gardenia bushes just finished blooming and my entire yard smells like heaven.
I dug up some gladiolous from the ditch in the dirt road and transplanted them to our back patio. I stopped by our old house in town and the ones I transplanted there were all doing exceptionally well.
One of our researchers on campus had done some work and had tons of fresh basil for free! I never pass up on fresh basil, so I went home and whipped up some southern pecan pesto. I then had to go out to the store and buy up some of my very own basil plants so I could have fresh pesto all summer.
We have been picking squash, cucumbers, and bell peppers all the time! We have blanched and frozen squash, made stuffed bell peppers, and my favorite thing: made pickles.
IMG_8837  IMG_8915
We have made two kinds of fermented pickles so far: traditional garlic dill and some horseradish ones that I cannot WAIT to get my hands on!

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