Saturday, June 13, 2015

Stuff That Doesn’t Go Anywhere Else!

This was Wyatt’s suitcase to go to his Grandma and Pa’s house—90% stuffed animals, 10% clothes. This kid never ceases to make me laugh.
Wyatt was a great helper when I had to work for Georgia Grown at a local farmers market.IMG_8605
My Ashburn Women’s Club secret pal is amazing! She bought/made? me this adorable chicken door hanger with its big chalkboard belly. I think it fits my personality and taste perfectly!
I made a happy little discovery that my new favorite candles fit perfectly on the mason jar wall sconces Amanda made me for Christmas. It’s not a good idea to leave them unattended like this but it’s great when we are home.
Wyatt got t-ball pictures back. I love looking back at these pictures to see how much the babies have changed over time.
I posted this onto my social media a few weeks ago:

THIS is why I love living in a small town and shopping local, specifically with the Piggly Wiggly! While I run in to Walmart occasionally, the folks at the Pig all make a special effort to speak, shake hands, load my groceries in the car, and make Wy feel special. Mr. Bill let Wyatt take the price gun and help out today, making him feel like a rock star. They've been rocking sales lately and even beat Walmart's price on the Dr. Pepper 6-packs I love. Thanks, PW!

Wyatt helped take care of Aunt Sami’s flowers at the studio while she was on vacation. He might be my little green thumb yet!
Also, perks of keeping the Perry Family’s chickens fed and watered? FREE eggs! Our chickens are freeloaders, too young to lay eggs yet but I did snatch these up from the nest boxes the other day.
I grabbed up these awesome finds at a yard sale for less than $5. Justin and I were just talking about how we wanted a divided dish to heat up veggies in. He and I eat completely different vegetables and Wyatt eats them all, so we always end up with tons of pots on the stove. It was amazing to find this vintage Pyrex divided dish in this dreamy turquoise with its matching lid. The man even threw in this cute Georgia peach cardboard basket. I think it’s a cute piece of vintage Georgiana.

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