Monday, April 13, 2015

April Flower Update

Time for the monthly round up of all the beautiful flowers in our yard!
IMG_6780 IMG_6808
I scored tons of these beautiful red tulips from a work event back in March. I love the bright shock of red they left me with. When all the flowers died off, I dug up the bulbs. I hope I can replant them next fall for a spring 2016 showstopper!
Our peach tree put out blossoms that were beautiful! We recently purchased an assortment of fruit trees for our mini orchard: peach, pear, fig, satsuma orange, lemon, cherry, and plum. I can’t wait until I can walk barefooted to the side yard and pick a ton of fresh fruit!
My white irises are blooming in the front of the house. I transplanted some that didn’t bloom last year but they didn’t bloom this year either. I think I waited too late. Aunt Faye said when irises don’t bloom it’s because they have gotten too deep into the ground and need to be dug up. Maybe next year!
IMG_6930 IMG_7021
I snapped these beautiful pear blossoms off the tree in the chicken coop. I love the little black dots that appear and the blooms begin to age.
IMG_6994 IMG_6988 IMG_7015 IMG_7231
Some other plants that are in the yard have been blooming out too (L-R): dogwood, native azalea, ladybug on my ferns (still alive from last year-holla!), and pink flowering almond. I really didn’t remember this from last year, but my native azaleas smelled DIVINE!
IMG_7242 IMG_7416
I planted some bulbs from Lowe’s last fall and selected those that would bloom in a staggering pattern. As soon as my hyacinths died back, these happy tulips made their debut.
Mama and Daddy’s back fence is covered in wisteria. It is some of the best smelling stuff in the world! I have all intentions of getting a wisteria tree (as opposed to the invasive kind) so I can enjoy it in my yard too.
This last plant is what I think is called bungle weed. I like its dark green leaves and bright purple flowers. I think sometimes weeds are only weeds because no one appreciates them. To me they’re appreciated!

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