Thursday, March 12, 2015


My blog friend Brandi starting using the hashtag #ThriftScoreThursday on her Instagram and I was very intrigued. I tracked down the source of such fun and found that four lovely ladies, Black & White Obsession, For My Love OfPrimitive and Proper,  and The Gathered Home host a link up for everyone to post their super finds from thrift stores, junk shops, antique stores, and flea markets. I have been really having a ball seeing everyone’s great deals!
I’ve been traveling a ton and have had the chance to score some great deals as we curate our home.
I got this Thirty-One magazine basket (used for TP storage in our bathroom) and a ton of white Corelle plates  (I’ve been hunting for some for months) at different Goodwills. I like the plain white Corelle plates because they are almost impossible to break and I now have enough that I can host a shower with real table wear now.
IMG_6109 IMG_6112 
Justin and I love estate sales. I signed up with to get alerts for all of the estate sales in our area. I get an email on Thursdays of the ones that are that weekend. We traveled to Leslie, Georgia to a veterinarian’s downtown building. We walked in and were quickly disappointed. I was expecting cool vet tools and gadgets, etc. We found out the building went on around the corner and upstairs and had lots of fun digging around. We scored 14 old window frames and a whole trailer load of reclaimed barn wood and tongue-and-groove bead board (more on that in a later post). We quickly posted the windows to Facebook and sold them to our friends and made our money back from our entire purchase! So basically we got the load of wood for free with the exception of our time and gas money!
IMG_6177 IMG_6195
This one isn’t a thrift score, but I occasionally come across some gems at Dollar Tree and I have to say this is one of them. I bought an Air Curler, something I had seen on one of those TV informercials. I think most of that stuff doesn’t work as well as they advertise, but for $1 I’d give it a try. I can’t work a curling iron to save my life and I am always pining for soft curls and waves. Lo and behold, the sucker worked! I am pleasantly surprised with this tool!
I grabbed up some peach box labels at the Antique Theater in Perry. I didn’t get a picture of all of them here, but they will be great for my gallery wall. These are only $1!
I am not a clever person. Occasionally I can come up with some unique repurposing thing for the house, but most of my ideas come from Pinterest or blogs. I am lucky I stumbled upon this smart vendor at Pickin’ Peanuts Marketplace in Ashburn for only $8! They stuck a taper candle in an old wheel and it has a very happy home on my factory cart table.
Justin wins the score of the year so far! We have been oogly-googly over these countertop scales. Saturday morning he called and told me he made an executive decision and pulled the trigger and bought one. I was a little flustered because we haven’t seen them for less than $200. He scored this Hobart scale and Hobart meat slicer (one of our we’d-love-it-but-will-never-afford-it things) for $100 total! I am so proud of his keen eye for quality when he sees it. For kicks, we looked up both on eBay and they each start out around $250 each!
IMG_6639 IMG_6640 IMG_6638
All of this being said, people constantly ask us where we find our stuff and how we get such great deals. It’s not always easy. We strike out often. We have a running wish list and an idea of what we would like to pay for things. For example, I want an old square tobacco basket but they retail for $100 or more. I just KNOW if I’m patient enough I’ll find one at an estate sale or yard sale from someone who wants to get rid of it for a song. Patience, grasshopper.
I mentioned on Instagram that hunting for these sweet deals is like that princess that has to kiss a lot of frogs to find her prince. In my case, it’s sifting through giant warehouses of junk or looking over fancy signs like this at tens of Goodwills:

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