Monday, March 9, 2015

Garden and Flower Update

Justin’s Papa always told him to plant his potatoes on Valentine’s weekend. We faithfully cut up 50 pounds of seed potatoes and sure enough, we got those things in the ground on February 16. I can’t wait to have fresh new potatoes for supper. We will take the rest of our crop to the canning plant and we will be able to have potatoes from our garden year round!
IMG_6164 IMG_6245
I love that spring blooms are starting to appear. My favorite tree, the one I call a tulip tree but that is really a saucer magnolia, was covered up with buds and we got a terrible freeze. I lost at least 3/4 of my blooms without even getting to see them. I was so sad to see it. Happily enough the daffodils made their debut in the past two weeks. I have loved picking them because they are so wonderfully fragrant! We have camellias all over the place too! I think the dreadful azaleas are set to bloom soon and we will cut them out of the yard. We missed the window to trim them considerably last year and I figured we should at least get one more season (more like two weeks) worth of blooms out of them before the big chop.
IMG_6235 IMG_6343 IMG_6408
I planted tons of bulbs last fall and I’m excited to see bright pops of color in the yard. My hyacinths and crocus bulbs are gorgeous in full bloom!
IMG_6491 IMG_6492

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