Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thirty One Gifts

My friend Becky introduced me to the Thirty One company and I hosted a party at my house. As a result, my sister Suzi has started selling it. I am addicted to these cute bags! They’re a little pricey but I have learned to watch for their specials and stock up. I bough several gifts there and I thought I’d share some of the ways I have used them as gifts this year.
I bought a Littles Carry-All for our friends’ little girl and got it monogrammed with her name. I filled it up with nail polishes and accessories.
I love Dollar Tree and it’s no secret. We didn’t want any kids coming to our Christmas Eve Open House and leaving empty handed so I stocked up on trinkets and made a goody bag in a square utility tote.
I love the Thirty One large utility totes! We have about a hundred uses for ours. I take them camping, use them for laundry, and they make great bags for class party supplies.
Mama got a Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter from Daddy this year and I had the inside scoop ahead of time, so I ordered her one with a Top-A-Tote for her machine storage. I bought a Pocket-A-Tote for her tools and small pieces of vinyl too.
Here’s another Dollar Tree win: the collapsable storage bins sold at DT give great structure to the Large Utility Totes but two of them are the absolute perfect fit for a Medium Utility Tote! I didn’t gift these but they were great for loading up the presents to take to everyone’s house for distribution.
Large Utility Tote
Medium Utility Tote

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