Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Busy January

January, normally our slow month at home, has been shaping up to be quite eventful.
My SIL Amanda is the president of our local arts council. I am proud of her for jumping in with both feet. The arts council hosted a “Besties and Brushes” class a few weeks ago and we all painted funky roosters. Mine is well, uh, er, unique I guess. I like the top and actually surprised myself but I sure don’t know what went on with the bottom third. Even so, I had a great time, the turnout was exceptional, and I will definitely do it again!

IMG_5508 IMG_5509
Wyatt, my MIL Desiree, and I went to Chehaw Park on the MLK holiday. I haven’t been since Wyatt was very small. He thoroughly enjoyed it all. The weather was outstanding and there were no crowds to fight.
Jake, Ben, and Rivers’ tutor suggested that they get planner books for their school assignments. I had a blast making these for them. Jake’s is all farm-related stuff. Rivers’ is full of the ultimate girly Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley stuff, and Ben’s is fishing-themed.
The sweet young boy that made me an aunt for the first time turned 13. That was a doozy. Jake was born less than a year after Justin and I started dating and it blows my mind he is already a teenager. I can still remember the day I talked to Justin and he told me he had been born. I was in Tennessee for a church trip and was sad to miss the big day but I was proud just the same.
IMG_5554 IMG_5555
I recently discovered a kindred spirit in a girl named Abbey. She’s from the Atlanta area and has a FB page that talks about all the greatest Tupperware and vintage Pyrex things she finds at thrift stores. She posted her rainbow cabinet full of Pyrex and I shared all of my Tupperware. It’s crazy to see all of those colors but they range in age from 50+ years old to less than 5 years old.
Justin and I snagged this beautiful light at our favorite local thrift store for $8. He had to do a little creative installation but I think it updates our front porch very nicely!
Finally, this beauty graced my table Saturday. Justin has a coworker at the EMS in Cordele that changed our life when she shared her recipe for pecan pie with NO KARO SYRUP! I kid you not! There are as many pecans in the magical crust of this pie as there are in the rest of it!

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