Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Happy September, yall! I get all tingly inside at the thought of fall creeping up on us. Instead, South Georgia still thinks it’s summer, so around here we’re still like this


instead of this.


Luckily, the overbearing heat is starting to subside, slightly. Justin and I are more likely than not found on the back porch after supper in our new sporty red rocking chairs (sorry I haven’t gotten a picture yet).


Also, if I had it my way, September 1st would be International Start Decorating for Halloween Day. I tend to be a little obsessive go overboard on the Halloween decorations like Clark Griswold my hubbs does for Christmas, so he declared that I CANNOT put up the very first Halloween decoration until October 1.


That’s a WHOLE MONTH away. I think I may have found a loophole, though:

He didn’t say anything about not decorating for FALL!


Leigh @ Leigh Pearce Weddings said...

I can't wait to get out all of my decorations!!

Leelee said...

I love that you want to put up your Halloween decorations yesterday...I made pumpkin pancakes yesterday for my kids breakfast and the whole house smelled like fall...I mentioned pulling out the Halloween stuff and candy corn,etc, and my mother freaked out....I don't know if I can wait either...and it was 96 degrees here in Columbus yesterday...S. Georgia is never gonna cool off...