Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sorry this is going to be such a long post, but I have a lot on my mind lately.

First. (Standing on soapbox, some might be offended-I DON’T CARE) I received a bill from the hospital the other day for some lab work I had done. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the total. $665!!!!!  AFTER INSURANCE! It completely floors me that four little blood tests cost that much. I understand the hospital had input costs, but it seems a bit of a stretch to me. I can’t help but to think it can be attributed to people that CHOOSE not to have health insurance and get procedures done at the hospital and file it on indigent care. Trust me—I’ve known some of them personally.  I know there are some genuine cases that necesitate indigent care coverage, but there is so much abuse of the system. It burns me up so bad when Justin has to transport a “patient” in the middle of the night at the EMS only to find out she was waiting with a bag, left out of the emergency room—with no treatment—and loads up in her boyfriend’s car. Here girl—let me give you the 20 bucks it would cost you to hire someone to take you to Tifton rather than adding a few extra hundred to my hospital bill. GRRRRRR…..

Second. This whole “Sister Wives” thing creeps me out, but don’t lawmakers and law enforcement officers have better things to do than prosecuting a bigamist? I CERTAINLY don’t agree with polygamy for myself---if Justin got that crazy idea in his head, he’d be looking for a new place to live. The only reason he would be able to bring another woman into my house is if she is a housekeeper or a nanny—nothing else! I have him all to myself. BUT…But. But. But. If consenting adults are willing to put up with this, I don’t think it’s the government’s right to trample all over that. How many women in single, traditional marriages “look the other way” when their husband keeps a mistress? Is that not similar? Jeez! It goes hand-in-hand with gay marriage/partnerships.  Most people who reject gay marriage do so on the premise of religious beliefs. If we should hold up to their train of thought, should polygamy be legal? It is a stretch, but it is based, at least in part, on these people’s beliefs. Why should one group of religious people be held more true or certain than the other? So here’s my solution: unless they’re trying to get undue benefits or defrauding the government, let polygamists do their thing and let’s let gays marry too. It’s not headline news when average people divorce, so why should it be when they marry?

Now, for you sweet ones that are still with me, for some lighter content. I heard the funniest line of a song on the radio last night.


Oh Kenny Chesney, you had me at “Jesus sandals.” KC’s new song is called “Coastal” and talks about an old man retiring to the beach and snowbirds heading south for the winter. Check it out if you have a quick minute:

Finally, did anyone else LOVE Glee last night?

I thought it was pretty cool. They had a weird way of inserting the songs into the storyline, but I remembered the great million-record selling Britney Spears that I wanted to be when I was in middle school. I had forgotten how much those songs were ingrained in my mind until I realized I was singing word-for-word along with the show! Poor Brit- she’s so much of a train wreck the past few years that it seems like she’ll never make it back. I have faith, though. Ya’ll wait and see :)


Stacey said...

Do I know which hospital you are talking about?? lol Since we moved I have truly realized how outrageous it was.

amanda said...

s.i.l., i love you and i kinda see where you're comin from but these right now are laws (the 2nd part you were talking about) and if we keep lettin ppl slide by with breakin the law (no matter how small), where will it end? sooner or later ppl will try to slide by with killing someone.......they"re all laws and i think the line has to be drawn somewhere........

amanda said...

oh, and not to mention, if they keep on marryin each other, they are gonna sooner or later cross up with each other and have babies with their sisters or brothers and then they're gonna be birthin babies with four arms and three legs and all sorts of health problems and then they are gonna go to the e.r. and file for that indigent care that you were talkin about in topic number one.......just sayin....and it's just plain out WRONG!!! i mean, don't you think we shouldn't go and tick God of about right now? i mean we both have a LOT to be thankin him for! :)

Manda said...

Don't in any way take this the wrong way Sarah, but I was so, so happy to find you such an open-minded individual. You, Emily and Erica are very dear to me in that way.

Many people I've met that were born and raised in the South are far less tolerant.

Please, don't ever lose that part of you. <3

sbh1cats said...

tolerance is not a word used in the, live by the book or don't...your choice, but as amanda said, it is law and we choose to live in the US and therefore, we choose to live by the US laws...glee did absolutely nothing for me...if that was the first time i was watching, i would not watch again...have i missed posts? i have been looking for the rest of your favorites, but they ended on sept 11...i really enjoyed those