Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Deals!

Hello, lovelies!

It has been a very productive week for me in the money-saving business. I have learned to plan my purchases ahead of time and I can maximize my merchandise and minimize my out-of-pocket costs. My Hubs told me that if we're saving so much money, we should be able to afford that new pistol he has been drooling over. I simply tell him we're just getting a whole lot more stuff than we would have in the past. I wouldn't really spend over $100 on cleaning supplies. I just get such great deals, I can stockpile them for future use. Which brings us to this weeks' purchases:

Here is my grand total for the week:

Merchandise total: $104.47

I actually spent $16.47

Which gives me a total savings of $88.00!!!!

PLUS...I have $5 CVS ExtraCare Bucks AND $7 in Walgreens Register Rewards left to spend, so it's like I only spent $4.47.

How great is that?!?

What kind of deals have you had lately?

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