Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Fun

I love Easter for many reasons and one of the biggest is the explosion of color everywhere!

Here are some of the cutest ducklings I have ever seen. A friend posted pictures of some her little girls got, and I still haven't figured out how they get that color! When Hubbs and I move out to the country and have our own pond, you can be sure we will have some psychedelic ducks!

Last night, my sisters stopped by the house with three dozen eggs and asked me to help dye eggs, but Hubbs and I were heading out the door to go to the grocery store. Here are their masterpieces. (Yes, we are 22, 19, and 18 and still dye eggs)

I came across an idea online and decided to run with it. I made baby bird nests for dessert for Sunday dinner. First melt white chocolate chips (1/2 bag) with maybe a teaspoon of Crisco (results in a smoother texture) on a double boiler.

You pretty much have to stir constantly to avoid overcooking your chocolate. If you do this, your chocolate could burn or crystallize.

Mix the melted chocolate in with 1/2 bag coconut that has been lightly tinted with food coloring.

While still warm, mix the coconut and chocolate together.

Press into well-greased muffin tins and form small nests. Let dry for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
Lift nest forms out of tins and place on wax paper to dry more.
Drop a few "eggs" AKA jelly beans into each nest and let dry.

Enjoy your bright spring colored Easter nests!

Well, chickadees, I am out for the weekend! Have a great Easter and remember to be safe!

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