Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Diaper Cake

A coworker of mine is about to be an aunt in July! She is so excited and has been on a baby supply buying spree. She plans on keeping her nephew a lot, and she doesn't have children of her own yet, so she has the advantage of getting a nursery fixed up without being pregnant. Today, our coworkers are hosting a diaper shower for the mommy-to-be and I volunteered to make a diaper cake.

My coworker bought a jumbo pack of Huggies from Sam's Club and I went straight to work. I only used 27 diapers because they were a size 3. If you use newborn diapers, you will obviously use more.

Here are my pictures. The process is pretty self-expanatory, but if you need instructions, YouTube has a great video here.

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