Wednesday, August 3, 2016

June recap

I think it’s funny that I would do long detailed blog posts before and now I dump everything into a recap post. At least I’m remembering stuff, right?!?

We settled into a happy routine in June. Justin was back to work but we still had him around 2 out of every three days. All was well with our crew!

IMG_1066 IMG_1071 IMG_1258

Georgia was the victim of the Fruit Loop challenge but her daddy and Aunt Amanda might have cheated a little tiny bit!


It took just over a month but Uncle Glynn finally held Georgia. I think he’s smitten!


IMG_8409 IMG_8414 IMG_8417 

We got the bill for Georgia’s birth. Of course this is before insurance but it’s still a whopper!


Since I was dragging up the tail end of the baby boom for my friends, we met for lunch and Brittany, Jessica, Becky, and I caught up and were able to celebrate FOUR babies! Addison was born to Jessica in January, Caleb to Becky in March, Georgia to me in May and Brittany will be welcoming her new little one in January. We are so excited she broke the news to us that day!


At Georgia’s one month checkup:


IMG_8514 IMG_8516


IMG_8553 IMG_8565

We loved seeing all of the bright blossoms around the yard. Justin picked some apple gourds too.

IMG_8603 IMG_8605





Father’s Day was special for Justin this year. He had TWO babies to love on.


We got to celebrate with our favorite dads of course!

IMG_8790 IMG_8792

Also, I had minor outpatient surgery so Georgia Lou got her very first bottle.

IMG_8803 IMG_8804 IMG_8806



How cute is this side-by-side comparison of Wyatt and Georgia at almost the exact same age?


IMG_8987 IMG_9013


We also put up 60 quarts of creamed and whole kernel corn at the canning plant. It was quick work with all of us helping out.

IMG_9037 IMG_9038  IMG_9051

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