Friday, August 5, 2016

Dickey Farms

We traveled to the small town of Musella, Georgia to make our very first visit to Dickey Farms. Mrs. Cynde Dickey and I have worked together with the Georgia Agritourism Association and our Georgia Grown Trails. She is the sweetest person and welcomed us with open arms. We had a blast, making sure to load the car to capacity with peaches, peach ice cream, and even a peach slush to cool me down.

IMG_8859 IMG_8864 IMG_8869  IMG_8872 IMG_8880 IMG_8884 IMG_8885 IMG_8895 IMG_8901 IMG_8902 

When we got back we took one box of peaches and made jam at the canning plant. I loved how it turned out. We peeled and chopped the rest for cobbler and peach ice cream.
IMG_8916 IMG_8919 IMG_8922 IMG_8931 IMG_8936 IMG_8942 IMG_8948 IMG_8952

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