Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Miscellany

August was filled with lots of bloggable moments that didn't deserve an entire post to each thing so here is the recap:
Wyatt wore this GSU onesie when he was a baby too. I am so glad G was able to wear it. Go Eagles!

Snapchat is a regular feature in the Cook household.

I dug my old Cabbage Patch dolls out of Mama and Daddy's basement and got them cleaned up. These things are holding up wonderfully for being nearly 30 years old! I had to wash them and let them dry in the sun so it looked like a toy nudist colony. Several of those outfits were ones my Mama crocheted for my dolls.

Georgia was breaking out of her swaddle recently but wouldn't sleep on her back calmly through the night. Being a big scaredy cat, I didn't want to lay her on her belly but thankfully I found this Magic Merlin sleep suit online through online discussion boards. It actually works pretty well!

My little monkey man climbed the rock wall at the church fall kick off like a champ!

I spoke at the GAZA (Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators) at Callaway Gardens so we had to take a quick trip through the butterfly garden. It was amazing.

Mama met me right after Georgia's 3 month checkup and I got her ears pierced. It wasn't until halfway through the day that we realized she was a twin to her baby doll!

Wy thought it was so cool that he matched Uncle Jonathan at church!

Our family gathered around Uncle Glynn as we celebrated his birthday family style with a 15 layer chocolate cake.

Jake Perry loves his baby cousin so very much.

This baby is a game changer: I got a magnetic mount for my phone and it works perfectly navigating around the state with my GPS.

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