Saturday, April 23, 2016

February recap

February was a slow month in the Cook family. By far the saddest event was my Uncle Louie passing away. It was so unexpected and sudden that we were all stunned. Fortunately, weddings and funerals are the quickest way to gather up entire families that are spread out all across the country. Seeing my Mastrario cousins was a blessing in disguise.
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After all the sadness, it was a blessing for the earth to start waking up again. Seeing the flowers bloom in the yard and having the opportunity to start planting in the garden was a nice shift.
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Also, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to the Donald Trump presidential rally in Valdosta with Justin. I am very liberal especially on social issues so ol’ Donald isn’t up my alley. It wasn’t terrible. Regardless of political stance on issues, I don’t think I am a political rally kind of person. There is no politician I want to stand up and cheer for an hour for, wear their shirts, etc. I just don’t get that excited. I do take time to make a conscious decision when I vote and try to vote for the person that most aligns with my values though. I wish everyone would do that instead of strictly voting along party lines or for the most popular person. It was definitely an experience I am glad I had.
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