Wednesday, February 10, 2016

January Miscellany


Mama and I tried out a cool little lunch spot in Tifton the other day. It is an old service station. They had awesome food and I love the style of the building: gray, orange, and filled with rusty stuff.


We celebrated Daddy’s birthday. Y’all, these Oreo cakes from Publix are amazing!


Sadly, our little Walmart Neighborhood Market was going out of business after just barely a year. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity for a sale, Justin and I stocked up on diapers for Georgia while they were 25% off. We went back later when we realized almost no one had bought formula and snagged it at 50-75% off. My theory is that if we end up not needing the formula or if she takes a different kind, we can always donate it to those in need. This was an amazing deal. We saved hundreds of dollars on things we are going to need and it makes me feel good knowing we have a stockpile of the essentials for when she arrives.

IMG_5390 IMG_5392

Speaking of deals, I got this amazing black pea coat at my favorite local thrift store for $20. I have been looking for a professional style coat that I can dress up or down but am gun-shy about spending a lot of money since I hopefully won’t be this pregnant lady size forever. I took it home and realized it still had the store tag on it for $130! Talk about a steal!


Publix had forcing vases with hyacinth bulbs in them for $4 each a few weeks ago. I have been looking for a forcing vase when I am in junk stores but I have only managed to find the expensive vintage ones for $30-40 each. Too rich for my blood! This was perfect for me and my SIL went back and got me a third one the next day.


Wyatt is a sucker for stuffed animals and I snagged this one up for him. You would have thought I had bought him a car. He was so excited to have it. I like that he is appreciative of the little things, for now at least.

IMG_5452 IUOO9815

We pulled up some of the turnips that the bugs had destroyed for the chickens. There were several that were as big as Wyatt’s head! Doc Bunny and the chickens devoured the fresh veggies and were decidedly more happy for the rest of the day!

IMG_5529 IMG_5545 IMG_5548

I bought Justin a Yeti cup for Christmas. It was a lot for a CUP. I didn’t see the value in it until he forgot it at home a few days. I filled my cup with ice and a drink and by lunch time the ice was still there. Heck, by supper time it was still there! Even still I would never spend that kind of money on myself for a CUP.  I saw a local farm store selling image wrapped cups and sent a screenshot to Justin. There were camouflage ones and I told him I should have waited to get him one of those. He saw the seafoam paisley one and knew I wouldn’t buy one for myself. He and Wyatt stopped by my office with a gift bag in hand saying “just because they love me!” What a sweet man I have. I even noticed it matches my notebook I use for work perfectly! With my hands on this beauty I still didn’t want to spring for the $20 handle that is sold in some stores. I really needed one because this is one heck of a cup and I have small hands. With some googling, I found a tutorial from a man who used a Tervis Tumbler handle (only $6!) and boiled it to make it slightly pliable to stretch the top band for a snug fit. It worked! I am so excited about this. Probably more than I should be for a CUP with a HANDLE. It’s the little things, I say!

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