Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had an unseasonably warm Christmas break this year. Wyatt was playing in the water with May days before Christmas in shorts and a tee shirt. I remember the first year we lived down here (1992), my mama and daddy were amazed that we were riding our new bikes on Christmas morning in shorts and a tee shirt. I guess that makes it less unusual than I thought.


Ashburn Christmas Parade and festivities


Wyatt had fun wearing his Olaf pajamas to his school Christmas party. He made the cutest ornaments and his letter to Santa said he wanted a hotdog grill and a steak grill. I guess this mama just didn’t realize they were different!

IMG_4657 IMG_4666 


We celebrated a mini Christmas gift exchange at Suzi and David’s house. This first picture is hilarous. David found a picture of me from elementary school wearing a cat tapestry vest. He gave me a hard time about it so I bought one for him for Christmas one year and made him wear it. So for the past several years we have re-gifted the vest to each other. This year he one-upped me and found this tacky tie-dyed cat shirt and made me wear it to Christmas Eve at Mama and Daddy’s house. Sami caught me in this picture laughing so hard I was crying when I opened it. Sami got me the oldest Christmas present of the night with an antique egg scale. We use it to size our eggs from the chickens. Wyatt loves it almost as much as I do!

IMG_4724 IMG_4731 

Christmas morning was fun and relaxing. Justin was able to get off duty early so he could be there when Wyatt woke up. I love spending quiet time with them on Christmas mornings and watching Wyatt get so excited about the fun stuff he gets. Justin got on the floor and played with Wyatt’s new toys almost as much as Wy did!

IMG_4756  IMG_4759

My boys showed out this year. I got the dough bowl I have been dreaming of and a treasured key chain from Justin and Wyatt with their hand outlines and a ring from Wyatt with his name on it. I am a spoiled person for sure!

IMG_4770IMG_4757 IMG_5729

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