Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July Randomness

I stole this idea off of Pinterest. It is suggested to keep a freezer inventory to use a dry erase marker and tick marks for each item you have a lot of. When you remove an item from the freezer, just wipe off a mark. I like this system so far!
Wyatt got this old wagon from our cousin Gene’s lake house. It was pretty sturdy with big tires but the inside had rusted considerably. I took $10 worth of spray paint and less than an hour to give it a new life.
I bought a can of Rustoleum spray primer to hopefully inhibit the rust and gave it a good solid coat after scrubbing the big paint flakes off with a wire brush. This wasn’t a very meticulous job—I was just doing a little cosmetic sprucing up. I didn’t even bother removing the hardware and wheels on the underside—the bolts had all rusted completely. I just wrapped a Dollar Tree plastic tablecloth around the bottom to protect from overspray. So yes, the underside is still faded red/orange. I then gave it several coats of bright orange paint Wyatt picked out. It turns out it is OSHA-approved safety orange and this particular paint was designed for marking lines. It had a 15 minute dry time so I was able to get this project done very quickly.
IMG_9974 IMG_9975 IMG_9976 
Wyatt loved that it was his favorite color and I liked the quick, cheap project that gave it a new look.
Our garden has been very nice to us. Unfortunately we planted the tomato plants way too close together so we didn’t efficiently harvest them this year. Next year we will do better.
IMG_9997 IMG_9998
I bought some clip on lenses for my phone from Amazon and I really used the fish eye lens and wide angle lens a lot on my shrimp boat excursion. I was able to try out my macro lens on these baby snails in our flower beds. They are smaller than the tip of my pinky nail and you have to get really, really close for the lens to focus. Even still, it’s a little fuzzy but I like the look it gives. I always like to stop and focus on really small things including bugs and flowers so I think I will use this one a good bit in the future.
IMG_0159 IMG_0160
Justin found a rattlesnake on the road a few miles from our house so he has been learning how to skin it out. He wants to maybe make a wall hanging or a belt for Wyatt. It grosses me out but I think it’s cool he wants to learn how to do new things all the time.
IMG_9986 IMG_0234
We had a great time at our friends’ daughter Kincee’s birthday party at the Peach Palette in Perry (alliteration to the MAX!). Wyatt picked out an alligator and had a really great time painting it. I can’t wait to get it back after it’s been glazed and kiln fired.
IMG_9944 IMG_9954 IMG_9955
Finally, Justin had rescued this old two-man saw his Papa had painted in his house. When his Papa’s house burned, Justin asked for the saw and he has kept it for nearly 14 years. We got our friend Rachel, a talented local artist, to repaint it in the original style. It looks amazing in our dry kitchen over our kitchen tool pegboard frame! (Funny note: you should have seen Justin trying to climb in the car over the saw—we didn’t think it all the way through and had to put it in between the car seat and the doors. It was like something out of Final Destination.)

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