Friday, July 3, 2015

Canning Spaghetti Sauce

Dennis Kendrick, Justin’s and my former ag teacher and now Young Farmers coordinator, reached out to us about joining Turner County Young Farmers and getting involved. When I pointed out that I would hardly consider myself a farmer just because we have chickens and a garden, he disagreed and asked us to get involved anyway.

Justin has helped out with the local canning plant for several years now and we hope to increase the utilization of the facility. I also want to promote the facilities for my job in hopes that people with buy case quantities of produce when it’s in season and put it up, knowing they have fresh Georgia Grown produce year round.

We hosted a canning class that taught participants how to make spaghetti sauce on a large scale and put it up for the entire year. We had a blast and turned out 118 cans of fresh tomato sauce with ingredients grown within a 20 mile radius of us (with the exception of the 5 pound bag of Vidalia onions—another Georgia staple).

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