Sunday, July 5, 2015

Chicken Update #4

Our flock recently grew by 4—we got four frizzle/sizzle chicks. The frizzle chicks are ones where their feathers flip outward instead of laying flat. The sizzles are silkie frizzles meaning they have the frizzled feathers and feathered legs. They are the most docile chicks we have ever had. I can’t wait to see them when they are full grown. Right now it looks like they are losing a good fight with South Georgia humidity!
The chickens are enjoying the bounty of our garden. Veggies that have bad spots on them and won’t be good for us to can go right into the coop. They love tomatoes and corn!
This is my favorite rooster—my top gun, my big boy, our blue maran. He definitely rules the roost. I hatched him and 12 others out from eggs in the incubator. Yes, I took a selfie with him. I hope that by picking them up they will be more sociable and less likely to peck us.
Excitingly, when I was in Savannah for work, Justin texted me and let me know that we got our very first egg from our chickens we hatched out in January. We have gotten one or two eggs a day. They should all start laying soon enough and then we will eventually make little love shacks to separate the roosters and hens of specific breeds to fertilize the eggs and hatch them out in our incubator.

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