Saturday, July 26, 2014

The FINAL One: India Part 10

On our last full night in India (Friday, July 11), we had a beautiful send off dinner at the Skipper Farm just outside of Jaipur.

IMG_0219 IMG_0223

We were greeted by peacocks roaming free, camels, flower garlands, and beautiful lighting. We enjoyed a cultural show, watched craftsmen create their handiwork right in front of us (including a bangle made to fit my hand exactly!), and ate one last proper Indian meal.

IMG_0230 IMG_0248

There was a lot of fun dancing but I claimed the photographer role, so I didn’t take part of the festivities. Some of us were more reluctant than others.

100_2150 100_2168

100_2179 100_2191

We also all got together and bought our assistant director Kristi a hand-woven rug. She fell in love with it so we all chipped in.


Our last partial day in India, Saturday, July 12 was spent traveling back to Delhi. We stopped at the Amul Dairy processing plant where we were treated to a tour and fresh-off-the-line ice cream. They asked for us not to photograph there so I am only left with sweet memories.

That evening we rested up, made our final packing arrangements, had a goodbye dinner with our wonderful guide Raj, loaded up the bus and made tracks to the airport to head home. I was in dire need of a Dr. Pepper with ICE and to see my boys!


After a quick 8 hour flight to Germany that was complete with a 6 hour nap thanks to over-the-counter sleeping medication and utter exhaustion, I cleaned up in the airport showers (best idea EVER! If you travel internationally-DO IT! It will refresh you for sure!), and we departed for our final trip. I tried to keep myself entertained with in-flight movies. It was nice to see Divergent again since it’s not out on DVD yet, but I was just antsy to get home.


I made it through customs at the Atlanta airport fairly quickly. I actually beat my bags, so I had to (not-so-patiently) wait for them before I got to see Wyatt and Justin. As I dragged my luggage to the arrivals lobby, I could hardly see through my tears of happiness. I was so excited to catch Wyatt in my arms and to see Justin. We stopped at Applebee’s for a big steak and headed straight to Cordele for me to meet Mr. Pax and see Suzi. The little punk would hardly open his eyes but I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. He is adorable! So glad I got to finally meet him! Thankfully Sami was there to catch our first meeting.


I appreciated the opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures, but it sure made me appreciate home. I can’t wait to see what’s next for us!

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