Wednesday, July 23, 2014

India Part 7

I know, I’m on part 7 of a two week trip but we experienced a LOT of cool things (sorry, I’m not sorry!).


On Monday, July 7 our first stop was in Orchha to visit the Jehangir Mahal. It was a palace that was built for a Mughal emperor and was only occupied for a few weeks. It had pieces of lapis lazuli, turquoise, and jasper still remaining on the outside in some spots. It would have been absolutely amazing to see this palace in its full glory. It is beautiful as it is now, but to know the entire thing was covered in semi-precious stone really blew my mind. Next to this was a guest house where it is said that Rudyard Kipling got inspiration for the Jungle Book.

IMG_9616 IMG_9619

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After our visit to Orchha, we traveled to Jhansi and met with our hosts and Bundlekhand University. We were welcomed again with a garland ceremony and tea. We then met with university officials and students and traveled to see their forage research facility.

IMG_9650 IMG_9653

On our second leg of the tour, they encouraged some of the students to sit with us. I met a wonderful young woman named Priya. She was in her first year at BU. I peppered her with a million questions and she was so nice to oblige me. She started every reply with, “Ma’am…” I told her it wasn’t that long ago (well 6 years) that I was in college and she could address me more informally. She told me that in India, even if a person is only 6 months older than she was, she was to address them as “Ma’am” or “Sir.” I know some of our northern family thought it was strange when my mama taught us to say “Yes, ma’am” and “No, sir” so I am sure they would get a kick out of this.

IMG_9659 10544414_668961619858088_1522572816776818875_n

Our second stop was to visit an egg layer house. I have never seen chicken houses that were elevated before! It was neat because the chicken litter dropped to the ground. These were the cleanest chickens I have ever seen. These houses produce 135,000 eggs a week.

IMG_9661 IMG_9663


Group shot with some of our University hosts and students.


That evening was certainly an adventure. We had unique accomodations and faced several obstacles but we worked together to overcome it. The University showed wonderful hospitality and one professor even left his car there when one of our participants needed to use a car outlet to work her breast pump. That was one of the most wonderful acts of kindness we could have experienced and we are truly grateful for his generosity.

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