Monday, September 24, 2012

A Rough Weekend

It has been one crazy whirlwind around the Cook house this weekend. Justin worked at the EMS until 8 Friday night so I went up to the lake to hang out with his family for a bit. Wyatt absolutely loved every minute of it.

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Saturday, Justin was helping our brother-in-law Michael change out the clutch on his truck and I had big plans of making a fancy dinner complete with baked banana pudding (GAG) that was on Justin’s wish list for some time. Wyatt was on the couch napping when he popped up, wide awake and toddled into the kitchen,grabbed on my leg, asked “More!” and made his baby sign language. This is as close to snack, juice, etc. we have gotten, so I poured him up some milk and sat on the ottoman with him with a banana for him to snack on. All of the sudden, he started itching and getting red marks on his face. He has had mild reactions to whole grains before so I whipped out the prescription allergy medicine the pediatrician prescribed and gave him a quick dose and snapped a picture. I like to document his reactions in case we need to ever see an allergist.


Alarmingly, I noticed he was rapidly getting worse. I panicked, threw on some flip flops, and loaded Wyatt into the car for a trip to the EMS. His eyes were almost swollen shut and I was afraid he might have a similar problem with his airway if he got worse. I called Justin on my way and by the time I got to the EMS (less than a mile away), they had the ambulance cranked up and pulled out of the station waiting for us. That is the beauty of a small town and great paramedics like we have in Turner County. It turns out the paramedics on duty were Justin’s old partners as well as the ones that picked him up when he shot his finger.

After grabbing Wyatt up and checking him out, they determined he was in no immediate danger, but still needed to be seen by the ER to be sure. Justin had arrived by that time, so we decided to make the drive on our own.

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By the time we got to the ER, Wyatt still looked pretty terrible, but he didn’t seem to be any worse for the wear. He was into EVERYTHING. Justin whipped out his iPhone for a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to keep him entertained.

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We got some steroids and he was on a Benadryl regimen for 24 hours to suppress another episode.As of now, we still don’t know what caused his reaction. Because he didn’t have hives or swelling on his whole body, we believe it must have been a contact allergy. It could have been something on the banana peel like a pesticide. We might not ever know for sure. We are keeping him away from bananas for the time being, which is hard since they are one of his favorite snacks. We have a visit with the pediatrician tomorrow to see what we can find out. Hopefully he won’t have to get one of those awful allergy scratch tests.

He was 100% back to normal yesterday, eating sand from the playground and running around like crazy. Thank goodness!

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my little sumo wrestler looks pitiful.