Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seven Weeks!

I can’t believe Wyatt is seven weeks old today! He has grown so much and is changing every single day. I am TOTALLY one of those loony birds that ooohhhss and aaaahhhs over every move my child makes. He just amazes me.

Wyatt has started to discover his own voice and realizes that he can make the sounds come out on command so he will sit and smile and chatter with me for 45 minutes at a time. I am so very glad I got to take a few extra weeks of leave and enjoy this time with him. I was dangerously close to telling Justin I want to be a SAHM, but I love my job and we have become accustomed (and obligated financially) to being a two-income family. I will just soak up every single minute of quality time I have with him now and just have faith that the awesome daycare he will attend is going to love on him too.

Here is a little baby cuteness for you to enjoy:

IMG_0595 IMG_0610 IMG_0621  IMG_0651 IMG_0663 IMG_0746 

His first Father’s Day:

IMG_0796 IMG_0828 IMG_0870IMG_0830 IMG_0853 IMG_0861 

IMG_0899 IMG_0914 IMG_0932

I snapped this one last night. It just melts my heart because they were just hanging out together while Justin was watching an old John Wayne movie. I just love how great a dad Justin is!


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