Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day!

We had an easy going weekend. I had off work yesterday, so it was made even better with an extra day off work. My family and Justin’s family were at the beach (opposite coasts in FL) so it was just us and my sister’s boyfriend left to hold down the fort. That also meant that we got to keep Sadie, my in-law’s shih-tzu for the weekend. She has been so fun! For those of you who don’t know, Justin and I have a 165-pound Great Dane and little Sadie can’t weigh five pounds. We were afraid Skie would step on her, but they did great together. I snapped these shots on Sunday.

 100_4890  100_4892 100_4893    

How about those bright red nails? I clipped Skie’s nails last week and saw my nail polish sitting on the coffee table and thought “Why not?” She sat so still!

Now the cat—notsomuch. He didn’t like Sadie and tried not to get too close to her over the weekend. I did manage to snap one shot of the three of them close to each other—I’m like the crazy animal person. They like to pile up around me.


Sunday night, we picked up a “fireworks” assortment in W@L*Mart-anything bigger than a fountain is illegal in Georgia, but hey, we make do.


Yes, we did it the redneck way off the back of the pickup truck :) I didn’t get any great shots of the fireworks going off, but I did figure out the exposure timer on my digital camera and got these cute shots with sparklers (which are just as good as real fireworks if you ask me!). Justin was such a great sport!

      100_4917  100_4921


100_4924    100_4921


Sarah Ann said...

cute!! I can never fully get the sparkler drawing thing right!

Stacey said...

Those pics are awesome! I can never photograph sparklers and fireworks.