Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grilling out

I know I’m going to make you guys so hungry with all of these posts, but my hubbs is going crazy with cooking stuff on his smoker! Yesterday, he cooked four Boston  butt and a small slab of baby back ribs. Let me just make the understatement of the year by saying it was all AWESOME! Here ya go!


Justin got a slab of granite remnant for an awesome new cutting board. He still has to round the corners off and smooth the edges but it’s a great prep and cutting surface for all of this meat we’ve been working with.


He made this gadget to get the wood started. I swear he’s the most inventive person I’ve ever met. It was sort of like a flame thrower!


You see that pot below the ribs? Those are the most awesome baked beans. He put our cast iron pot below the ribs to catch the drippings. YUM!

 100_5006 100_5008 

We had twice baked potatoes and peach cobbler to round out the meal. We were ALL fat and happy when we got done eating.



Skie was a happy girl out on the porch all day.


Look at this little cutie! Our friends Matt and Nikki stopped by for dinner and brought their boys Jake and Cody. Jake was entranced with Wonderpets and Dora all night.

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