Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas spirit

Friday, my family and I loaded up to check out the Fantasy in Lights show at Callaway Gardens. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out all the tricks to my new camera so I couldn’t snap any shots of the lights, but I have “borrowed” a few from my mama and my sister. I did, however, fall in love with my macro setting (thus explaining why I have so many darn ornament pics!).


75163_1599112032003_1662104612_1425200_670659_n 154960_1599111511990_1662104612_1425197_3869522_n156194_1599111912000_1662104612_1425199_5899482_n 75670_782272457891_33002761_41416603_780179_n

76178_782272507791_33002761_41416605_690185_n 76757_782272348111_33002761_41416596_3976749_n (1) 148154_782272393021_33002761_41416598_7137603_n 149157_782272482841_33002761_41416604_3183736_n 149222_782272303201_33002761_41416593_7129634_n 150551_782272368071_33002761_41416597_1170221_n 150814_782272238331_33002761_41416588_7319943_n 154841_782272407991_33002761_41416599_6648669_n 155011_782272557691_33002761_41416608_5003680_n 155165_782272527751_33002761_41416606_2804867_n 155685_782272328151_33002761_41416595_775222_n 156107_782272313181_33002761_41416594_3248096_n 156604_782272417971_33002761_41416600_3665798_n

We also stopped at the “Little White House” and toured downtown Warm Springs. It is a lovely little town just filled to the brim with gift shops.

76513_782273006791_33002761_41416621_4087133_n 150858_782272278251_33002761_41416591_677392_n 150862_782272288231_33002761_41416592_6404999_n 155849_782273031741_33002761_41416622_2240117_n


Brandi Nell said...

I love all of your pics! And Warm Springs is a great little town! Glad you guys had fun!

Em said...

did you see the Christmas Frog at Callaway? It`s just a guy in a frog suit with a Santa hat on.

Sarah Cook said...

Thanks so much Brandi! Em, I didn't see the awful frog. We did see the 7' tall nutcracker and he followed my sister around for a bit--she's terrified of them and Justin told him.

1 Funky Woman said...

Thanks for heads up! I'm heading over to get me one or 2 today! Can't wait!