Monday, May 4, 2009

Money Saving Machine!

I have been a money-saving fool this weekend. You'll notice my year-to-date spending is a little high this week, but that was because of a few items that totaled up to $60 for my mama. She reimbursed me, so it's not really as high as it seems. My entire merchandise total has reached $604.50 for the year! That gives me over a 66% savings!

Today, I took advantage of my Febreeze Noticibles coupons from this Sunday's paper, and I also used 3 $2 coupons for Aveeno (available online here--you can only print two per computer so you'll have to borrow someone else's computer for the third).

The Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion is 20% off this week, making each only $0.29 each after coupons! Because I bought three Aveeno products, I also got their handy little travel essentials kit for the right price--FREE! I also picked up a Diet Mountain Dew for my cowoker (not on sale) that she reimbursed me for. My total came out to be $2.26, $1.50 of which was reimbursement, so I only paid $0.76 out of pocket, and used $6 in Register Rewards!

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