Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter Garden Bounty

This winter Justin and I grew broccoli, cabbage, onions, turnips, mustards, and collard greens. We had to grab all of the broccoli and put it in the freezer before we got a hard frost but we left the greens and the cabbage in the garden to grow. Wild rabbits and other pests took a hard toll on our turnips, mustards, and onions but the cabbage and collards survived nicely.
It’s almost time to plant potatoes and Justin was itching to get the garden tilled up so I had to harvest the rest of the collards and the cabbage. I was able to get ten or twelve heads of cabbage. I washed them, cut them up, and Justin and I blanched them and put them in freezer quart bags. We got 13 bags to put in the freezer. They aren’t completely full because only Wyatt and I eat cabbage, but there’s plenty in each bag for the two of us.
IMG_5757 IMG_5766
I told Justin I didn’t know what the official definition of a “mess of greens” is, but that has to be at least two or three. I cut the thick stems off, washed them well, and put them in the Nesco roaster with some bacon and hog knuckles to cook. After they cooled, I bagged them up in freezer bags as well. This makes for some great meals with very little work!
Our spring and summer gardens will be very ambitious. We have big plans for corn, potatoes, flowers, luffas, pumpkins, gourds, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I also want to plant tons of herbs, especially basil for fresh pesto all summer.

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