Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meet June

Justin was coming through Cordele last Friday afternoon with Wyatt in tow returning from the Turkey-rama in Perry. He saw one of his fire department buddies and stopped to talk. His friend jokingly said, “Hey! Want a dog?” referring to a small black and tan coonhound that was a stray. They had been feeding her but really didn’t want another dog. Justin got on the phone and called me.
Justin: “Want a dog?”
Sarah: “Sure! Why not?”
Justin: “Okay.”
After hanging up the conversation processed in my head for a minute. I didn’t know what kind of dog, male or female, how old it was, or anything! So I quickly called Justin back and found out he thought she was only about 6 months old and her breed. I stopped at Fred’s and bought her a bright orange collar like Jeb and waited patiently to meet her. She is just the sweetest thing! After taking her to the yesterday, we found out she is actually around two years old. She is going to be this small forever it seems!
The craziest thing about the whole situation is that while I was waiting for Justin and Wyatt to make it back to Ashburn with her, I just knew I would love to name her June. It goes well with Jeb and we prefer old-fashioned names (can’t you tell with a dog named Jeb and a son named Wyatt?). After meeting her and loving on her, I looked at Justin and announced that I wanted to name her June. Justin just smiled and laughed at me and shook his head. He told me he had thought of the same thing! With Jeb, we each had to make a list of names we liked and saw what overlapped. This was the easiest naming of a pet ever!
I know Justin has always told me blue heelers were active and hyper, but I never realized how busy Jeb was until I have seen how calm June is! She is the most laid back, nearly-lazy dog I have ever seen. She gets along great with Jeb, except for the fact that she commandeered his bed. She is sweet with Wyatt and comes when called too. It’s nice to have another girl around the house to even out the male/female balance!
IMG_4581 IMG_4601

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