Thursday, February 6, 2014

Antiquing in Madison, Georgia

Last Sunday, Mama, Sami, Wyatt, and I made the trip up to Madison to pick up an antique bicycle Daddy bought. He was feeling pretty terrible with a virus, so he stayed home to catch up on some rest. We ate at a great pizza place on the square in Madison called Amici Café. It was awesome. I strongly suggest you try their antipasto salad as an appetizer. We ordered a large and split it among the four of us. It was amazing! I would have asked for no artichokes if I had known they came with them though!
After lunch, we went to two antique stores. I didn’t buy anything for myself at the first one, but Wyatt got some books. The second store, where Daddy’s bike was, was much bigger. It was a mix of antique, vintage, and new items with varying prices. Sami and I stumbled upon a booth that looked like the remaining stock of a monogram shop. I snagged this awesome door letter for $6.50 (originally $40)!
When we got back, Sami played around with Wyatt snapping his pictures every opportunity she got. I love the one of him kissing Pixie the donkey!
February_2__2014 (3)
Helping Pop put his new ride in the shop!
February_2__2014 February_2__2014 (1) February_2__2014 (2) 1656149_10152287292736929_58714225_n (1) 1620563_10152287292271929_275096969_n 1002182_10152287293116929_1263291909_n 1604674_10152287293466929_1762907940_n 1620661_10152287294036929_2064665042_n
Instagram shots from my phone:
IMG_4388 IMG_4389 IMG_4390 IMG_4391 
Wyatt is doing so well recognizing his letters! He didn’t spell out his name on the bathtub wall, but he can tell you what they are!

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