Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Liam turned 4!


My nephew Liam joined our family officially when Suzi and David got married back in July but he has been around since he was Wyatt’s age. It’s hard to believe he is four.

We celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago and we even brought out Wyatt’s red tractor for them to play on. Of course they wanted to swap and drive each other’s rides. They had a blast and only had a few minor collisions.

IMG_2641 IMG_2640 IMG_2639 IMG_2638 IMG_2637 IMG_2636 

It must be crazy for my parents to have two little boys around after having raised three girls. I know they both love it though. I am really grateful that Wyatt and Liam get along as well as they do. They are really good friends just like Wyatt is with Jake, Ben, and Rivers. As a matter of fact, Liam has taken a shine to my middle nephew Ben and they are good buddies too now. I have stair step nephews and a niece. Jake is 11, Ben is 9, Rivers is 7, Liam is 4, and Wyatt brings up the rear at 2. With Suzi’s new baby this summer, they will be spread out nicely.


Remember me mentioning Mama and Daddy had three sweet little girls? They get a little crazy some times too!


Sami got some great cousins photos of Wyatt and Liam. I am so proud of how they turned out. Our photo adventure was quite fun and included a little waterfall, train tracks, and playing in the leaves.

IMG_2658 IMG_2676





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