Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Calhoun Produce and Fire Safety at Home Depot

This past Saturday, Wyatt and I trekked to Home Depot in Cordele for their fire safety kids’ workshop.
Since Justin’s a fire clown, he was there teaching kids about fire safety, how to stop, drop, and roll, and promoting good will for the Cordele Fire Department.
I give Home Depot kudos for their kids’ workshops! We had never been but they really did a great job! When we got there we received fire safety tip sheets, a Lego fire truck kit, and we got to make a fire safety plane. Wyatt did a great job and he even helped hammer the little nails in. He got to paint it any way he liked and we added the stickers. Justin and Jared helped put the finishing touches on it too.
IMG_1214 IMG_1123
(Learning to stop, drop, and roll)
After that, Wyatt got to see the trucks with his fellow CFD firefighter kids Lane and Luke, got his fingerprints taken by the local police department, and bounced in the bouncy house.
They were even firing up the grill for hot dogs, but we had just finished a late breakfast.
IMG_1211 IMG_1212
I can honestly say I have always preferred Home Depot over Lowes based on customer service, but this effort just reinforces the fact that I will drive the 40 miles to HD in Cordele any day rather than go to Lowes right here in Tifton where I work. They are a great company!
After all of that fun, we went to Calhoun Produce for Fall Family Days on the Farm. I love Calhoun’s (I’ve blogged about them several times), and they treat our family like their own. We had a blast despite the unseasonable heat. Wyatt always loves it out there and he can really let loose.
IMG_1175 IMG_1176
Aunt Suzi and Aunt Sami got in on the fun too!
IMG_1207 IMG_1209

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