Monday, July 1, 2013

Wrapping up June

I’ve been on a fresh flower kick lately. Mason jars are perfect for impromptu bouquets. These black-eye Susans were pulled up at work and the other two are $4 bouquets from Publix.
IMG_6572 IMG_6603 IMG_6604
Wyatt is getting his fill of summer foods. He sat down in the kitchen the other day with a red tomato and started eating it like an apple.
IMG_6605 IMG_6606
Justin made BEAUTIFUL frames out of the old barn wood we reclaimed. It is the perfect complement to my Georgia art and frames the generational photo my sister did of the Cook men.
 IMG_6625 IMG_6627
I got these adorable stacked chevron rings at the French Market. I have the black one on today and I gave the gray one to my SIL. I might have to pick up a few more. They’re only $10 for three!
Jeb is at Suzi and David’s house for the week while we go to Mexico Beach and it’s weird not having him around.
A few weeks ago we had Sunday lunch at Justin’s parents house and we snapped this adorable shot of Wyatt feeding his great-grandma Whilden.
We found my old iPod touch after having lost it to my car trunk for a few months and Wyatt is so proud of his “phone” like Mama and Daddy’s. Got a pic of Wyatt and Justin clicking away the other day.

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