Monday, April 8, 2013

Wyatt’s First Haircut

Wyatt had the cutest little white curls on his head—for about five minutes a day. By the time he ran a few laps in the house, it poofed out and got scraggly. Justin and I were determined to wait until he was two and his hair filled in a little, but we finally broke down and took him for his first hair cut two weeks ago. Here are the last shots of his ringlets:

IMG_4422 IMG_4425

He did a great job for Mrs. Stephanie! I think it might be because we blow dry his hair at night and he’s used to the whirring of the dryer and us brushing it.


He looks like a boy now and not a baby!


Later that weekend, we had supper at Amanda’s for her birthday. I swear I never know how old she is. I keep telling her she will forever be 33 to me, which she seems quite happy about!


IMG_4452 IMG_4473 

IMG_4478 IMG_4486

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Stacey @ Life So Lovely said...

I remember when we finally cut our son's hair...that little baby look was gone and he looked like a mini man! Wyatt looks so handsome with his new style :)