Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick Photo Shoot

IMG_8036e bw

My sister Sami snapped some adorable shots of Wyatt with a new chevron bow tie she purchased for her photography business and I can’t help but be so proud!

 IMG_8038e IMG_8048e IMG_8059e bw IMG_8063e IMG_8070e 

Wyatt’s having a red tractor birthday party for his second birthday and we were able to get a few of him on Pop’s tractor and his little green tractor toy. He was not being very cooperative that day, but we did what we could with the help of a few lollipop bribes.

IMG_8073e IMG_8076e IMG_8141e IMG_8145e

Want to know more about Sami’s photography? Check her out at Sami M Photography!

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