Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fried Green Tomatoes

This weekend, we went to the Georgia Outdoors Show (the Turkeyrama) in Perry. Of course, Wyatt and Justin had a blast checking out all of the hunting stuff. I think Wyatt’s favorite part was getting to meet the tortoises up close.
IMG_3175 IMG_3177
When we finished up we headed north to Macon to Bass Pro. We were starving and I remembered that Juliette isn’t very far from there. Juliette is home to the Whistle Stop Café, made popular by the movie Fried Green Tomatoes in 1991. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café is one of my all time favorite movies and books. I was so excited to eat there for the first time. Justin was shocked that I had never had fried green tomatoes even though I’ve lived in Georgia for 20 years. They were absolute perfection and I’m afraid the bar has been set incredibly high.
IMG_3179 IMG_3180
We actually did end up at Bass Pro. Wyatt was so excited to get a new camp chair.
IMG_3200 IMG_3208
Wyatt and I headed out to my parents’ house on Sunday and he got to pet the new puppy. She was born to my parents’ “yard dog” (one that just came up and they feed) but she’s still pretty skittish.
 IMG_3224 IMG_3238
And finally, yesterday on my way home Justin called and said Wyatt wanted cupcakes (which I’m sure meant Justin, too!) so I made some butter recipe cupcakes with sprinkles. I love those two and I don’t do fun stuff like that nearly enough!

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Stacey said...

I love the Whistle Stop Cafe! We've been there a few times. Last time we went my daughter got such a kick out of drinking her sweet tea from a mason jar ;)