Monday, October 3, 2011

Rehearsal for Amanda & Richard

Friday, Justin and I made the trek to St. Simons Island, Georgia to celebrate with my college roommate Amanda and Richard get married.

We rehearsed the wedding ceremony and headed out to Richard’s dad’s house for an out-of-this-world low country boil. There was so much food and we had tons left over. I am sure he will be eating leftovers for the next two weeks.


Here is Amanda cutting Richard’s groom cake. They wanted to switch things up a little and not have it at the wedding reception. It was a vanilla/chocolate marble cake with buttercream icing.


Wyatt is such a ladies’ man. I don’t think I held him for more than 15 minutes that night.

IMG_2991 IMG_2988

More shots tomorrow of us getting ready and the actual wedding!


P.S. Isn’t this the most adorable duo you have ever seen? This was just before we got Wyatt suited up in his PJs and into his bassinet.

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