Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday and Easter Fun

Because I am pretty lame, I had to steal all but one of these pics from my sister Sami’s blog. She is the photography guru, so why invent the wheel?

Jake, Ben, and Rivers were dressed to the nines for Easter on Sunday, but I only managed to snap a quick pic of Ben before they ran and changed into more play-friendly clothes.

photo (13)

How cute is that bowtie?!?!

In addition to Easter festivities, my family celebrated my birthday a few weeks early due to Wyatt’s impending arrival (chronicled here on the baby blog). We had an awesome coconut cake (which is my favorite!) topped with neon coconut.

cake closeup logo cake candles logo

And since I’m roughly the size of a house, my sisters and my mama and I got a few maternity pics squeezed in for good measure.

moma and sarah Sarah and Suzi

sarah and sami three sisters

What a weekend! I’m so thankful for great family!

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Brandi Nell said...

You look beautiful! You are glowing! Hope you guys had a fabulous Easter! xoxo