Monday, February 14, 2011

My love bug

It’s funny to think about the international day of love in terms of decades but that is what today is. This is our tenth Valentine’s Day- a whole decade of Valentine’s Days. I was joking with a coworker that I’ve never had any other real Valentines other than Justin. Middle school “boyfriends” just didn’t make the cut! It’s our last Valentine’s Day with just the two of us. Little Wyatt will be around to get all of our attention in just a few short months-I know if he’s anything like his mama he will be in his element!

I’ve been so lucky to have this guy by my side.Gush gush gush…that’s all I can do about how great Justin is to have around. They really did break the mold when they made him. He’s one of a kind and I’m so glad he picked me.

So now I give you this walk through memory lane of some pics of us since 2004. I don’t have too many pictures before then because I haven’t had time to scan them onto my hard drive. Can you tell we’ve mastered the art of the self-portrait?

Love Birds Sarah and Justin 3 Sweethearts The Happy Couple 16  100_9565 a2 Atlanta Trip 037 Atlanta Trip 057 Bristol 2 082 Christmas Eve 038 DSCF1929 DSCF2040 l_a7269cea4f5b40809624e607bb861d53 l_d91fe062267f437ab19f6a15276f5389 

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Sami Mastrario said...

And I am glad because I lovvvve Justin! and you!

Suzi said...

You hit the nail on the head with the "they broke the mold after Justin"! He is the best brother I could ever ask for! I love you and am thankful that you found a guy as great as him! I hope to one day be in love and be loved in return like you and Justin! I love you, sister!