Friday, June 25, 2010

Fourth Friday in Ashburn


We had our very first “Fourth Friday” event in Ashburn tonight and I have to say, it was a BLAST! I didn’t take any pictures of the farmers’ market or the singers, but I do have some wild and crazy pics from the scavenger hunt! We even found the elusive Elvis bust! We found everything on our list, but another team finished before we did :( It was a great night! Suzi, Sami, Zack, and I were a pretty impressive team (if you ask me).

100_4888 100_4880 100_4881 100_4882 100_4883 100_4884 100_4885 100_4886 

Our city workers did an awesome job getting our new park ready for tonight! A few weeks ago, this was just an empty lot where an old building fell in during a tornado. It is so cute!


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