Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nine Years

Today marks the 9th anniversary of when Justin and I started dating. Nine years. That’s a long time.10-27-07_1559 123 067

We were high school sweethearts and he waited to marry me for seven of those years.


He waited patiently for me to graduate high school and shortly after we were engaged with the understanding that I was moving three hours away for college and it would be another four years before we got married.


I’ve stood by his side through the tough transition from firefighter…

 2f3c  101_1446

…to EMT…

11-12-07_1124 Justin's Birthday 001

…and paramedic school …


…and back to firefighter.

Firefighter 1

  We’ve got two rotten furbabies…101_1498 Mow Pictures 251

& a love that lasts forever!

DSCF2124b      Sarah's Wedding 712

Aren’t I a lucky girl?!?


Em said...

Aw congrats! I didn't realize that you two were engaged for so long. Cute!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Cherish @ Southern Soulmates said...

Yes, you sure are a lucky girl!! :) That's neat you went to GA Southern. We won't be far at all from Statesboro! How did you like it there? We just signed a one year contract, so we'll see how it goes!

Sarah Cook said...

I loved Statesboro. I'm from a very small community so it was a good fit for me--not too big (ATL would have given me shell shock) and not too small. It has grown tremendously since I've graduated. I'm sure you'll love it!

Bella Michelle said...

Oh, how sweet!!!! Happy Anniversary of your special day.

Southern Belle Mama said...

What a sweet love story! Happy dating anniversary to you guys!

Suzi said...

I love you for being my sister but most of all for giving me a brother :) I love my Bubb!