Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas fun


Christmas was a blast!


Christmas morning


My sweet husband had a fire going every chance he got! Skie likes to curl up as close as she can with her butt almost in the fireplace. You would figure it would get too hot there.


Justin’s cousin Becky and her husband Robert have the cutest little boy ever (Dylan). Justin puts up with me holding and smelling all of the little ones in the family (the smell they put in baby lotion is intoxicating!!!) as long as I promise to give them back!


My niece Rivers trying out her antlers (I think they might secretly be devil horns).


Justin was certain he was going to get our little house lit up like Clark Griswald’s. He did a really good job!

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I made shotgun shell Christmas lights for the guys to string up on the camper for their hunting trip.


Santa was out riding his motorcycle in Tifton during my lunch break.

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Our Christmas parade was awesome. My mama and daddy made the Santa’s workshop for the float with Santa and Rudolph (my sister makes a good reindeer).


I made these little gift bags for my coworkers.


Skie dressed up for a little Christmas cheer.

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And Justin and I got tons of cool stuff for Christmas. His favorite was the branding iron with his (I say OUR-his middle initial is the same as my first) initials.

I bought him a Kitchen Aid meat grinder attachment for my mixer so he’s the grilling king!

We made out like fat rats, but most importantly, we had good times with our family and friends.

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