Friday, October 9, 2009

Thank you, Janice Chen!!!

Justin and I just got back from the Great Smoky Mountains after celebrating our first anniversary on Sunday. After I uploaded my pictures to my computer today on my lunch break, I deleted them off my camera memory card. Just as soon as I opened the folder where I sent them, I felt woozy and ready to pass out. My pulse began to race and I started to feel dizzy. My pictures WEREN'T THERE!!! In a blind panic, I ran to see if our IT team would help me recover their pictures (even though it was their lunch break). I couldn't find anyone and frantically Googled my problem. Luckily I came across my LIFESAVER, Janice Chen! I was able to successfully download the recommended program and was successful in recovering MOST of my pictures. I only lost about 20 out of nearly 150. I was so thankful to get that many back that I was unconcerned...after all--I usually take two or three of very similar pictures so I can choose my best one. The only problem was that the pictures tended to have a grey block at the bottom like this:

No fear, I simply cropped that out. Now, my pictures would never make it into the pages of a glossy magazine, but they wouldn't have even before I recovered them. They will serve their purpose to remind Justin and me of our first anniversary even when we've been married 50 years. I highly recommend you try this program if you ever loose pictures or accidentally delete them from your memory card!

You can check out our album here.

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