Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ways to Charm a Lady

I found this on a random website I came across today. I don't have the site, but I know it came from Southern Living Magazine (which is pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself!).

I think it fits Justin to a 'T'! I'm such a lucky girl :)

1. Stand Up For A Lady. Actually this doesn't just involve chairs.

Although this is not necessary for yours truly, it's a sincere gesture that is appreciated.
2. Know That The SEC Has The Best Football Teams In The Nation.
Again, NSM for me, but love for the Dawgs is never a bad thing :)
3. Kill Bugs
Hubbs did this last night---"Sic it, Skie!" He sent the dog and subsequently the cat on a spider chase.
4. Hold Doors Open
5. Fix Things or Build Stuff
My man is awesome with this stuff!
6. Wear Boots Occasionally. Not the fancy, I-paid-$1,000-for these kind. We're talking about slightly mud-crusted, I-could-have-just-come-in-from-the-field boots.
This is an everyday occurence for Justin--fresh out of the cotton fields.
7. Take Off Your Hat Inside
Let's just say we're still working on this one.

8. Grill Stuff
I married a Grill Master. (Yes, capital letters are necessary) When people are suprised or rave about his grilling skills, he asks them with a smarty-pants quip, "What's my last name?' It's Cook and he lives up to it!
9. Call Us. If you want to ask us out, don't text and don't email. Pick up the phone and use your voice.
When I'm at work, a text is fine. When we were dating, I would love to get "just because" phone calls, though!
10. Stand When We Come Back To The Dinner Table
Not really a big deal for me :)
11. Pull Out Our Chairs
Just not when we're about to sit in them! I have a prankster hubbs!
12. Pay The Tab On The First Few Dates
Our money is just that-ours. But hubbs still likes to be the one to whip out the debit card and take care of the tab.
13. Don't Show Up In A Wrinkled, Untucked Shirt
He can de-wrinkle a shirt in five minutes flat---with a damp towel and the dryer!
14. Never Get In Bar Fights
We don't frequent too many bars, so I don't think this one is ever going to be a problem.
15. Know How To Mix Our Favorite Cocktail Just The Way We Like It
Justin can whip up a mean cocktail!

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