Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun on the 4th!

Man! I have been getting lazy with my picture takin' skills! Luckily, I have wonderful family who doesn't mind if I blatantly steal borrow and accredit properly their pics.

We had a small-ish gathering on Saturday to celebrate our Nation's birthday. It was really quiet without my in-laws and nephews and niece there. They were enjoying the fun in the sun at St. George Island for the weekend.

What a fun time to spend basking in the 100 150 degree weather on a Saturday afternoon in South Georgia. (Notice the $0.89 tiki umbrellas --NOT a typo--my sister and I scored with a ton of coupons from Rite Aid!!!)

Justin, my sister's boyfriend, and Lori's fiance Jeremy all brought out their big boy toys and had a skeet shoot. (***Side note: Zack, aformentioned sister's boyfriend, just got back from Nebraska where he was a proud member of the a) Georgia State CHAMPION 4-H Shotgun Team and b)2nd Place in the NATION winning team!!!!)

Here are the furbabies enojoying their lazy Sunday afternoon with my while Justin was on duty at the fire department:

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